When I Got a New Apartment

This is a new building built near my last apartment. I do not live here now. The cheapest option is not cheap.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy a comfy bed. Maybe I would by just a 2–3" foam topper and sleep on that with a blanket or get a decently affordable air mattress. Either way, I was set on getting something that made sleeping a whole lot less appealing to me.

In the past I have always focused on having the most comfy bed possible. Freshman year of college it was because I was single and 18. Two years ago it was because I had just moved out of the dorms. I bought a full bed and wanted to make it just that much better.

My plan worked and people always told me that I had a ridiculously comfy bed. One friend told me that when I graduated, he wanted to buy my bed because it was so effing comfortable. I was happy to sell it to him at the end of the year because by then, all I wanted was to be rid of it.

I was 22 and I had become notorious for sleeping in, so naturally, I blamed my comfy beds. Freshman year I once woke up at 4 PM. That should have been a wake up call — but it wasn’t. I continued to sleep exorbitant amounts all through college, consistently waking up around 12 or 1 PM.

So at the end of Senior year I had really had enough. I started to resent sleeping in general. I once tried sleeping on the carpet next to my bed, no pillows or blankets, in an attempt to make waking up easier. That weird tactic along with a louder alarm seemed to work decently well.

Really it wasn’t until about two days ago that I realized the true problem. It’s not about the bed and it’s not about the sleeping. It was really the will for waking up that I needed to improve. I now know that I need to ensure I feel a burning urgency to wake up in the morning.

Plus, sleeping is a necessity for life. But now it’s also a vital means to refresh that urge to wake up. My bed can be as fluffy as a cloud but as long as I feel that impetus every morning, I can get up no problem. The sound of my alarm now triggers a loud voice in my head.

That voice knows how comfortable my bed is. That voice knows that it’s cold outside of this blanket. That voice knows every excuse I can make, but it doesn’t give a shit. It tells me to stand up and get moving. There is something new that you have to do today and you need to start right now.