This is a short speech I gave on drug addiction for a college class back in 2017. I just came across it in my Google Drive, and thought it was worth posting.

I originally planned to write this speech to be sort of a sequel to the one I did last time, on drug addiction. This time, I was going to focus on the solutions to it that I didn’t think the mainstream doctors and psychiatrists would accept. It was really quite simple: drug users are looking for escape and refuge from the bitterness of their alienation from other people. They only need the holes in their lives to be filled with real love, real fulfillment and happiness, to be freed of their addiction. I do believe that, and I know that the establishment solutions offered right now that are fueled by the War on Drugs and pharmaceutical companies aren’t going away anytime soon. …


Zack Fugate

Writer, journalist, and filmmaker from Eastern KY.

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