Amazon Go + Autonomous Cars

The announcement of Amazon Go has made a bit of a splash. If you haven’t seen it:

Amazon Go

Watching the video, my mind immediately jumped to the benefits of grabbing coffee and breakfast on busy mornings. With so many people rushing to get their coffee and breakfast before work or class, Amazon is taking the minor inconvenience of waiting in line and differentiating stores by saving you a few minutes. Being able to walk in, grab your food and drink, and walk out would save you the headache of waiting in line, scanning your items, and waiting for the chip to process in your credit card.


What would be cooler than going to the store and not having to wait in line? Well… Not having to go to the store at all.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 (+coffee and breakfast sandwich)

It’s the morning of December 5th, 2022 and you’re rushing to get yourself ready for a Monday at work.

You get a little distracted — maybe by the talking heads on the news, maybe by Instagram… maybe by dancing around in your towel.


Shit. You get a notification that your self-driving car is out front and ready to take you to work (it’s the year 2022, remember?). You haven’t eaten breakfast or had coffee!

Today, this is where Amazon Go would save the morning. Just stop by the store and be in-and-out with your bagel and coffee in no time.

But what if you didn’t have to go to the store? What if your autonomous car had a bagel and coffee right there in the cabin for you to purchase? And, even better, what if it used your User Account to know exactly how you like your coffee and your bagel so it could have it ready every time you ride?

The bigger theme here isn’t figuring out how consumers will consume their “breakfast on-the-go” in 10–20 years. The question is more about how Autonomous Cars will free up time for consumers. Not having to drive will open up opportunities for new morning routines. We’ll be able to change the way people catch up on the news, how they consume social content, how they eat breakfast, how they get their coffee, where they take meetings and calls, where they do their hair and makeup, etc.

What will you do with your time?

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