7 Homework Help Websites for College Students

Zack Hargrove
5 min readFeb 13, 2020


You might’ve heard of 100s of useful homework help websites for college students. But for anyone who wants to be productive, it is much better option to have a couple of go-to websites that require regular visits. The ones, that will formulate you a discipline to study day by day. And this is the list of some of the noteble ones you can choose from.


Yes, the point of writing this whole article was to promote aforementioned website. Because when we talk about free education, there will always be a place for information that involves paying relatively low amount of money for getting some additional help.

As of additional free attributes of CWS, it offers any visitor the following features:

  • Check for plagiarism
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Title and reference pages
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Proper formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

Thus, even if you plan to cope without relying on anyone by yourself, cheapwritingservice is one of the few academic aid websites you may feel very happy to find in your bookmarks in case when you simply don’t have enough time.


To students abroad and/or to anyone who has any amount of desire or obligation to study a foreign language duolingo.com is one of the best free online “training equipment” out there. It will help you “to get into shape” gradually and with minimum amount of the stress.

At the moment the website has 31 complete language courses and 4 beta version courses for English speakers. If you are not a native speaker — you may find courses in your home language, as there are always people who are busy creating a new studying program. What made duolingo so popular, is simplicity of lessons and ability to develop a healthy studying addiction among students. Another great thing about it is that it has an app, that allows you to process lessons much quicker than by using a laptop (you can tap words, instead of typing them) and serve you as a reminder to reach your daily goal that you set for yourself.


Arguably the best website in English for free coding education. It is perfect for anyone who only starts to take first steps in direction of IT path and to those who got a little lost on their way.

Codecademy offers you the following courses:

  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Programming and Computer Science

Basically you start with completing simple tutorials that gradually keep on getting harder. Friendly interface and productive lessons may lead you to the temptation to pay for additional courses. Vast majority of buyers leave positive feedback about their purchase. So if you have a lot of enthusiasm about IT studying and decide to buy the course, chances are that you’re not going to be disappointment.


As one of the most if not the most popular educational platforms out there, coursera offers you tons of material from whatever field of study you’re into. In general, many users leave highly positive feedback after finishing free programs they chose. However, some of reviewers who paid for their courses were not satisfied with paying for more than they expected. Which evidently was the result of not paying attention in payment agreement. So if you do find there the exact course you were looking for — be aware that clicking “ok”, “agree” and “next” buttons may cost you more, if you don’t look through agreement carefully.

BBC Podcasts

The culture of podcasts continues to keep on growing and gaining more fans and popularity each year. If you like to study by receiving information in audio format — you can always find a podcast that fits description of your field of study in the website of one of the most successful informational platforms in the world — BBC.

The subjects of BBC Podcasts revolves around various branches of physics, biology, art, culture and history. This segment also give you an option to listen episodes online or download them in case you know that you will have limited internet access and would like to spend time productively.

The One That Only You Can Find

The reality is that even the article on the same topic as this, that set a world record in views may not mention a website that someone like you would personally find perfect for yourself.

Not all of the top sites that world finds useful may fit your preferences. That said, you have to be able to search and find useful educational sites that people rarely promote.

For instance, I am studying physiology. Of course there are tons of useful literature written by scientists, and plenty of websites where I can study this subject. But when I get to studying the brain, infographics may not be enough for me. And this is where I decide to google words “brain 3d” which brings me to brainfacts.org where I can always rotate this organ, see it in transparent mode, read description of its parts and get better perception of it in non-boring format.

That is why knowing the right words to type in your search engine is a skill that is important to have and develop.



This final website differs from the ones mentioned above with its concept. It revolves around the idea of “anti-informational obesity.” It gives you simple advice and that’s it.

Although acdemicadvice.com is an archive of plenty of rare academic advice, the point of this project is not to overload you with tips, but to make you want to take one tip at the time. As opposed of being another copy of article with 50 wisest quotes in the world.

The other thing that you may find appealing is that it is open for receiving advice from any visitor, who wants to get mentioned on their main page. So if you were to offer your personal, useful and non-overused advice — you would be quoted with a link to your twitter page below.