Timeline of the Women’s Liberation Movement

Zack Jerry
Nov 12, 2019 · 2 min read
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How cool it sounds when we hear “female activist.” Who knows the efforts behind this word? Who knows the worth this word carries? Nobody! Yes, the sad thing is nobody!

Every other day newspaper articles, books, and even TV channels just show how oppressed a woman is. The 19th-century fight for women rights and liberation was a huge effort to give respect to this gender, and it gave correspondence to all sexes. Do the feminists of the modern world even recognize their efforts? Of course not! They don’t do it!

The feminist of today presents himself as if the effort is in favor of women rights and fair treatment to them. What is the real thing? They just claim that. Literally, they just label them with it. Reality is something else

What harm does it bring?

So this question needs to be answered. This false women liberation has created a barrier between the two sexes. It has resulted in a never-ending fight between both genders accusing each other. There is a number of arguments on these topics. Write my essay on these topics. They are sometimes in favor of so-called feminists or sometimes in favor of men who are being called trash and garbage and what not?

People write blogs and papers discussing the idea and no one, in fact, comes near to the solution of this. The everyday increase in fight and argumentation with no outcome is like a never-ending long highway. It has to stop somewhere, yes it should be. A so-called feminist cannot simply get out of this by harming the other gender. I believe that both genders must be treated equally. They must be given opportunities to enjoy their rights, and none of them should be subjected to discrimination.

What’s the solution in your opinion? Don’t forget to comment below!

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