A Confession

Short post today. I just have to get something off my chest.

There’s something I’ve been keeping hidden for a long time–you could call it my dark passenger. I’ve chosen not to share it, even among friends and colleagues, for the disdain and disappointment it would surely bring. But I can shun my true identity no longer; I have to confront my demons head-on, and that requires being honest with myself as well as the world.

You may need to sit down for this–oh, you’re already sitting. That’s convenient. Are you ready?

*breathes deeply*

Alright, here goes:

Shame. Shame. Shame.

I’m a terribly slow typist. Well, maybe “terribly” is overstating it a tad, given that 40 words per minute is usually cited as the average typing speed. But for someone who makes a substantial part of their living off of their computer skills, my typing abilities are tremendously subpar.

To add to the embarrassment, I’m nowhere near touch-typing capability. That being said, I’m not entirely a hunt-and-pecker either–but in general, I can’t go more than a few short words without stealing a downward glance, and my ring and pinky fingers rarely get their exercise.

Now, as a designer, I’m not entirely lost on a keyboard. I feel quite at home on Photoshop and the rest of the Creative Cloud, where I would pit my shortcut chops against another professional’s any day. But when it comes to actually composing text via type–arguably the most basic measure of computer literacy–I’m in a sorry state indeed.

So, add one more item to the list of things I want to improve in 2017. Let’s see if I can get up to oh, say, 75 WPM by year’s end? At least then I’ll be able to look my fellow creatives in the face.

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