Star Wars, My Muse

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It has come to my attention that I haven’t shared my love for Star Wars on this blog yet. This must be remedied, for no blog that claims to represent my interests can be complete without acknowledging the fact that I am a huge Star Wars fan. And while it’s certainly true that I’m in no short company there, I also recognize the profoundly personal impact that Star Wars has had on my imaginative and creative development.

My childhood was defined in no small part by the Luke Skywalker and Han Solo action figures I played with as a kid; the Darth Vader costume I wore for Halloween in Kindergarten; the Lego Millennium Falcon I spent days assembling. I still remember my Dad taking me to see the Special Edition of A New Hope in theaters back in 1997, imparting into a young me his own love for the franchise; I distinctly remember wearing earplugs so that I wouldn’t be frightened during the questionable-for-a-five-year-old moments.

I suppose, if I’m being honest with myself, I couldn’t have been completely engaged with the themes and plot lines of the original trilogy back then–as a young boy I was much more interested in the fascinating universe created by George Lucas. At the age I was introduced to it, Star Wars spoke to me in the language of lightsabers, spaceships, and the iconic characters themselves. And I suppose if I’m being really honest with myself, I actually have the prequel trilogy to thank for sustaining my interest in Star Wars during my elementary years–an interest that would venture far beyond the scope of the films to include novels, videogames, and even ship diagrams and blueprints. Of course, my appreciation for the original trilogy has grown since I have grown up myself; I sought out the “despecialized editions” of Episodes IV–VI in order to give Nikki the purest introduction to the saga prior to our viewing The Force Awakens.

The announcement of Episode VIII’s title–The Last Jedi–stirs up once again that familiar feeling of excited, speculative anticipation accompanying every new morsel of Star Wars information that travels my way. I’ll speak more explicitly in a future post on the ways that the franchise has, in ways both obvious and subtle, impacted my imaginative development–but I couldn’t go any longer without at least mentioning that it indeed has.

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