A few two-player Tabletop games you may enjoy.
Wil Wheaton

Hey Wil!

These are some great suggestions, most of which I haven’t played yet. I love Jaipur though.

If I may, I’d love to throw a few more at you to give a try sometime (if you haven’t yet).


It’s a game based on Celtic tribes where you work together or against each other to build your tribe up. It’s interesting because the player actions, based in cards, are drafted every turn so you’ll have to be adaptable with your game plan.

Mr. Jack

A strictly 2 player game filled with bluffs and counter-bluffs. There are a handful of Sherlock Holmes, one is the killer. Each round both players control all of the characters so while one person is trying to escape, the other is trying to deduce who the murderer is. Such a great game. It’s like super chess.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

This game is absolutely fantastic for a date night. You’re a couple of Sherlock’s detective helpers because he couldn’t be bothered with this case. Then, given the clues, you travel all over London to solve the mystery only to find it Sherlock has also done the same, and much better. In the end explains how easy it was to solve and both of you feel like an idiot, but it’s hilarious.

There’s also Mythos Tales, which is almost the same thing but set in a Lovecraft universe so take the same sort of stuff and add weird cults, monsters and all that. Also super fun. It also limits how much time you have to look so that’s nice and adds a lot of pressure.

X-wing Miniatures Game

By far my favorite 2 player game. You both control ships from the various Star Wars movies and have an always intense dog fight where you’re both trying to put each other in a bad position while also trying to capitalize on any openings you get. There is so so much variance here with the ships you use, modifications for the ships, and expandability so you’ll never get bored. I absolutely love it as does anyone else I introduce it to. The only downside is you could find yourself buying many expansions very quickly.

Take care! Thanks so much for this list, I can’t wait to try them out.

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