To date, I’ve never related to a Medium article more than this one.
Randall Lewis

Thanks so much for reaching out.

We often get pigeonholed into things we feel comfortable with. This often stems from being put down in one way or another about something else you had tried.

It’s awesome that you still managed to find a way to express yourself through art and music. I find it very exciting that you’re taking the chance to re-step out of your comfort zone to get back onto writing.

I’m sure while your teachers said you were bad at reading and writing you were secretly tinkering away behind the scenes with lyrics/poetry and refining your craft and voice to be able to further express yourself. Now you’re a certified word-smith, take that teacher!

Your “never give up and put it out there” attitude is something we all aspire to. Keep it up Randall Lewis . Meanwhile, I’ll take notes.

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