I turned 40 this year. This past winter I saw that milestone a little ways off, and wanted to do something big to celebrate and treat myself. I decided I was going to set an impossible goal weight (200 lbs — a weight not seen since college) and do everything…

Our outdated and decaying systems, and how Zappos just might be leading the way on how we go about changing them for the better.

What do Zappos and David Simon have in common? It seems to me they both see outdated, broken systems as endemic to today’s world, and are both doing something to change it. David Simon created The Wire, which is the most scathing portrayal of the American socio-politic infrastructure and systems…

A Timbers Army newb on the shared experience of loving a team that falls short of a championship.

There comes a time for every team when it’s clear that the season is over. Sometimes this happens early on (I am a Cleveland native and fan, I am used to the season being ‘over’ for all intents and purposes relatively early) and sometimes it happens suddenly, at the brink…

My theory on how Walter White is going to die. Spoilers abound.

“I’ll be what I am. A solitary man.” – Neil Diamond

“I am going to get you where you really live” – Jesse Pinkman

As we careen towards the end of the masterful fifth season of Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, it’s unclear exactly how the story is going to end…

Zack Luby

MBA, Nike Technology Learning & Performance Content Manager, Founder of Good Stuff Communications, more here: http://t.co/ixFyP4EbT2

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