To create, you must start, A clear vision is not necessary. Let’s say you are looking to build a following. It could be on mediums like here at Medium, Facebook or Twitter. The first thing I would do is just create bits of content, let’s say five total pieces. They don’t have to be long. Then push it to your current following, if you don’t have a following on a new medium, simply send your new content to where your old followers are. Now, evaluate how hard it was for you to produce. Was it easy, hard or a nightmare? If it was difficult, you may want to reevaluate getting into the content game, because you may never change your ways. Or find a medium that is easy for you to create and engage in.

Now, review your data. Did you get some love or some hate. Simply take that data and copy it into a spreadsheet. The type of data you want to look for is:

  1. Engagement (what do people respond to. Don’t just look for likes from your family. Look for shares, comments, and true engagement)
  2. Timing (when are you sharing and what works best)
  3. Social: When someone engages with you engage back. It’s called social for a reason

Once you review your first five pieces of content, see what your data tells you and dig deeper into old material or create new content according to what your followers are requesting.

If you are trying to make money off of content creation, you may get lucky, but instead focus on creating insane value and up-selling bonus material or requests to your email and then sell those who reach out on-demand. You can also focus on building up your following by requesting an email or like of your page.

One side step option could be that your content is amazing, just not on the correct medium. Check out several million follower pages and you will see that they struggle to attract a similar audience on additional pages. If you believe your content is solid, but not attracting the numbers, take the same material and test it on other channels. One example could be taking a short tweet and turning it into a video and posting on YouTube or Facebook.

Do you create content? What have you found works best? Simply click the heart and then comment below.