Everything takes a lot of time. I remember when I was I’m starting Hatch a few years back I thought everything would happen super quick, 6 to 12 months quick, and I take $30,000 and turn into $3 million. As I look back on that now, I realize how naïve and stupid I was to act like that. No, I wouldn’t change anything, but I definitely would not of been as cocky and I think that things will just go my way because that would go my way, even if my track record said that would be the case.

I was in Boulder once (for a Startup America conference) and happened to be at an event where Brad Feld was there. He just finished up his Startup Community book and I told him, ‘I agree with majority of what you’re saying except it’s not to take 20 years’ I continued ‘we down in southeast Virginia are growing fast and we’re gonna take over the world really really soon, like in 12–24 months.’ Looking back at that now, obviously we might have come a long way, but we still have so much to go. I think a lot of it isn’t that people want something it’s really a shift in the brain, a shift in the brain that tells people from going from, yeah I want that too yeah actually have to work and work on this really really hard. Morale of the story, everything takes time, even when results are positive.