Weekly Crypto, 6 Bulls

This upcoming week Oct 23–27 will be a very interesting run for several crypto currencies, with the CNC (Chinese National Congress) starting this week Oct 18th we can expect that the topic of crypto currency usage and trading will be talked about and discussed in a positive manner. Director Yao Qian chief of PBoC has called for a cryptocurrency adoption in china.

We can expect bullish markets on several chinese based cryptocurrencies.

Neo: Neo is a bull market right now as it has major potential to become the only gateway for future ICOs to develop within china. Along with that NEO is the becoming the standard for cryptocurrencies in china to become. We can expect major bull runs if Neo is selected as the single outlet for chinese cryptocurrencies. (Enter at $30.50) Low Risk

OmiseGo: Apart from the chinese gold rush potentially coming up OMG is a great buy right now. Omise is working to break away from being an ERC-20 token much like Qtum was, which is now a currency with its own platform. OMG is also getting prepared to launch plasma they have demonstrated that transactions running on the omise network can run at around 1 million per second. Very bullish for OmiseGo. (Enter at $7.70) Medium Risk

Metaverse: Metaverse was trading pretty heavily until the Chinese announcements called for a stop to crypto markets, it took a pretty quick dive and everyone forgot about, the team was still working on the project during this team and the western world caught wind of this project, its now trading at $4.68 and is still highly undervalued as it is a major competitor to Ethereum, Ark and Neo. (Enter at $3.80) Low Risk

Ethereum: Ethereum is an amazing platform built by Vitalik Buterin. Having all time highs over $400, and currently at $311.00 Ethereum is a long time bull run that can easily exceed its current market cap by 2x-3x. (Enter at $287) Low Risk

Monaco: Monaco mostly known as the pump n dump who almost had visa has another claim coming up this week many feel it’s a visa announcement when in reality it’s most likely them announcing the launch and distribution of their crypto currency debit cards, possibly through a third party issuer, such as wirecard. This is a very short term cash grab, get in and get out before the drop, you can’t get greedy with monaco they have been known to underdeliver with much hype. (Enter at $8.60) High Risk

Loopring: Loopring is trying to become an exchange protocol meaning it will work the backend of an exchange to work with all the exchanges that accept it and will find you the best price throughout the exchanges. The best part about this is the upcoming bull news on this. That is, Jay Zhou the CMO of Loopring has stated they are in contact with Bittrex and hope to be listed within 1–2 months on bittrex. (Enter at $0.15, Exit at $0.75) Medium Risk