Complaining is something that everyone does, a lot of us subconsciously throughout the day. I haven’t quite understood why we complain as much as we do. In the grand scheme of things, our day-to-day lives aren’t really that bad.

We as humans have the power to control (almost) any and every situation that occurs. Whether it’s the boss stressing you out or that annoying co-worker, you have the power to fix it by either saying “screw it” or talking to them about it, or, the best option, quit. Quit being miserable. I know, a lot of you may think it’s easier said than done but it’s really that easy. You should only be worrying about the things you can control. It always amazes me when people complain about the weather, like really?? There’s nothing you can do about it, so just stop complaining.

In my eyes, the only people that have the right to complain are the people that grew up in an era where at 18 they were sent to war. Think about that. They were basically told that there was an extremely good chance they were going to die, and they didn’t even have a choice. What are you complaining about? Nothing to that magnitude I would imagine.