Infrared light is a type of electromagnetic radiation just below what the human eye can detect. Sunlight is one of the largest sources of IR radiation but many other objects around us absorb and emit this frequency of light.

Quick Introduction

Research shows that infrared light affects the human body in ways beneficial to health when administered under certain conditions. Understanding these conditions can help one decide if products such as infrared saunas or heating pads may be worth the investment.

Light bouncing through prism
Light bouncing through prism

Wavelengths of Light

The vast majority of energy in the universe isn’t electromagnetic. Leading scientific theories describe that nearly 95% of all energy in our universe might not be visible at all! Energies such as dark matter are thought to be the majority shareholders in the universal energy market.

The electromagnetic spectrum accounts for only a small fraction of that 5% of the energy that is visible. I’ve read estimates of less than 0.1% but haven’t confirmed to my own satisfaction. Within that tiny fraction, of a tiny fraction, there is an even tinier fraction of light that the human eye can perceive. This is called visible light. Below is a chart displaying the frequencies the average human is able to perceive…


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