15 Reasons Why Cleveland fans miss the 1987 Browns

30 years of agony

After watching the Cleveland Browns lose another heart-breaker this Sunday…

I started to think back 25+ years ago to when the entire city used to rally behind our NFL team.

I wish things were like they were back in the late 80's.

Here’s fifteen reasons why:

15 — We had faith in our quarterback

Bernie Kosar

14 — Our fullback was named after a truck

Kevin Mack

13 — Our receivers flew high & wide

Reggie Langhorne & Webster Slaughter

12 — And never seemed to drop a pass

Brian Brennan

11 — We had the best damn tight-end who ever played

Ozzie Newsome

10 — A kicker with a one Bahr helmet

Matt Bahr

9 — A slippery ice cube return on a cold lakefront Sunday

Gerald McNeil

8 — On defense we didn’t need an MVP. We had MDP.

Michael Dean Perry

7 — Saved by the Bell by Bob Golic so many times

Bob Golic

6 — We crushed them into white powder like Johnson & Johnson

Mike Johnson
Eddie Johnson

5 — Clay Matthews, before there was Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews

4 — We barked like dogs at the (Warren) moon

Frank Minnifield & Hanford Dixon

3 — There’s no cute one-liner for this moment from Ernest Byner

Ernest Byner

2 — It was his party, so we all hailed Marty

Marty Schottenheimer

1 — Like it or not, it started at the top. This team was simply “a work of Art”

Art Modell

What is your favorite Cleveland Browns team?

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