I’m tired of us.

I’m tired of the millennial waste,

Tired from Hollywood’s piped piper, always playing the hero’s tune.

Im tired because this reality isn’t a hero’s world.

I’m tired of impending danger, from a world of waring greed and power.

I’m tired of having no symbol of hope.

I’m tired of being told who everyone is, without ever knowing who anyone really is.

I’m tired of feeling false pride in a nation, ran by dollars instead of votes and scholars

I’m tired of that divide they shove inside us.

I’m tired of being told ‘it’s just the way it is’

I’m tired of competition, that overtly thwarts cooperation.

I’m tired of your faction, his faction, or their faction; it doesn’t matter.

Because no matter what idealogy you allign with, what you were born in the same faction: human being.

I’m tired of us loosing ourselves to a world with too many problems, especially when we could answer all the problems if we just took a break.

Just took a break from titles, from incentives, from consuming, from war, from tv.

Until we all took that same deep breathe, cracked our knuckles and fixed our world that we’ve broke.

We allowed it to break apart, we allow our government to have no repercussions, harboring company intent over that of the people.

But we let that happen, theres no way around it. Once we all take a deep breathe, reform our tattered union, get well rested, ultimately we have fix our zeitgeist.

Please, to help me, help yourselves.

Because I’m tired of being tired, and so will you one day.

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