The frozen lands of comradery and


It has been in a search of some benevolent recourse for thousands of years, as to undermine current paths of banality. Paths with obsticles of the mundane, hitting the bumps of coercive duties. Leading to the mountains of men high up within systems of stratification.

Humanity, why are you so quick to accept ignorance as an outcome. So comfortable with the skewed idea of what a free and open society can be.

To let ideology lead in bias, to let the stigmas remain a catalyst for societal deterioration, instead of learning and speaking for yourself.

To have discussions, and while doing so, only ‘waiting for my turn to talk’ to expand upon my own narcissism, till it ‘saturates over you and your ideas’, and further props this robust kind of Me-ism.

To assign comfortably all the Me-ism, that fits nice in the capatilist hat. For the glory of private property and locked progress.

Embolding the sense that your special, with nice materials postulaing all the egotism.

For instance: You see a house, a car, or any other nice item of luxury. And it’s identity, it’s the nice individual kit that is suppose to espouse the virtue of all this modern consumerism.

And as the thwarted collective attributes the facts of poverty to Darwins rule of evolution.

Strong>weak, smart>ignorance, charismatic>dull and destitute.

Organization’s continue charging a work ridden-humanity of what’s truly the most important currency while your here.

And that is: time.

The time that was meant to explore, build relationships, tinker in imagination, to better know ones self; this has all been mitigated, and placated.

Confused by cold systems, rebirthing us as machines.

Simply memorizing our respective task, repeating that task, learn a slightly new task, repeat that task, all within that same type of memorization tought in public school systems.

Its all geared for consuming a finite planet and upholding our ability to have a constant moment of “ah”. To consistently tantalize the mind by suggestions, with materials related to sex in advertising and the gained stature it will encompass.

What we face is the constant momentary satisfaction, met by the artificial, and noted by a nullified socialization.

For our associations with product and this grandeur or status; creates a dilapidated people with a mind set only to prestige and not one set with much altruism.

So what’s there to do about this? The benevolent recourse has gone amiss.

We started a free world, from the idea that we have innate rights to our freedoms. Then ironically converted it to a fascist interventionist state, ran by military interest and corporate tyranny.

And this causes me to see our current spot as covert slavery, really. Because you are only free in this country; so long as you have piles of money. And the game does not allow us to have all winners, and infact banks off of the system having losers.

It’ is ofcourse attributed to the survival of the fittest, because we are the same animals here without brains capable enough for helping us all to succeed. Nope, it is only money that succeeds to ignite ambitions into the firey dream they start from, and it is not a individuals might; it is simply an allowed circumstance for some to succeed. A coporate pat on backs, with eyes lit up like dogs at the side of a table — we’re just hoping for some scraps. Whats left over from their proverbial cake.

Its sickening. When you have piles of money, the law does not encapsulate your freedoms. When you have piles of money, you also have time, and with it, the necessary resource to create anything.

That is the state in which we all thrive. If we all had time, and time that has perpetually been alleviated by the stress of surviving we truly would all thrive.

We’ would be more cooperative, then competitive.

We would be more tolerant of ideas and less sensitive to having identify mixed in with ideology.

How would have even happen?

Many will have ideas of a system to try next. Don’t be fooled, capitalism truly will eat it’s own heart gone.

My idea to start is brash. Or quickly thought of anyway.

It is to simply pool together resource, that allows the individual time.

What would happen if a community got together and shared all of its money. What would happen if all that money was put into a foundation, that set out to be a counter balance to capitalism.

A foundation that allotted creativity and possibility to succeed without coercion from the many expenditures of capitalism. The bills and price of life as it is, can be mitigated by a helping hand.

And if this weren’t the case, it can even be better argued that people should own companies.

For only people without power, know what’s best for all.

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