Whats in the Days, here?

O-Born obfuscated slowly imbibing life

Until its maddening orchestra-X

O-Blots the irises, full red wine .

Left in darkened corners, with no space in time-X

O-I lift my head up

To see through walls-X

O-An remember it all.

How strange I’ve been-X

O-Everything marooned within

And being surrounded by vices-X

O-That grip life’s occurrence out of mind

But as love paints life’s edges-X

O-My mind picks up its fumble.

To see me and you out here, eternally meandering-X

O-I start to laugh at the scenic troubles.

And though I stumble-X

O-Grasping at my substances

It’s over you I tumble-X

O-As you relieve my sub-stance.

Allowing life’s jumble of notes to sift softly through the echo chambers-XOXO.

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