Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

It is a very interesting theory. I like it, and with the fact that Kenobi did have romantic involvement in the canon (Clone Wars) it is possible that the weakness could have ultimately lead to this future possibility. We shall see.

Besides, the Jedi order was over. He did not necessarily have to live by the rules anymore.

I have to nit pick, however. It is a sickness. I am sorry ahead of time, but I feel a strange obligation to correct things when I see them.

There is no “s” the plural form of Jedi.

The line is: “No. I am your father” (not Luke)

The accent thing is not completely correct. There were others…sort of.

This is off the top of my head:

Valorum wasn’t really a bad guy, exactly. He had a British accent.

Mon Mothma certainly wasn’t and had one.

Liam Neeson did do somewhat of an “American” accent but not entirely. I have seen him act with one almost entirely.

I won’t really count both Queen Amidala and Princess Leia since they only used the accents when they were acting as royalty and not as Padme or just Leia.

Shmi Skywalker had an accent (maybe Swedish) which was not passed onto Anakin, yet he seemed to adapt the British accent from Palpatine, a bit as Vader.

Also, the light sabre was in Kenobi’s posession for just about or under 20 years before he gave it to Luke.

It’s minor stuff but I am on vacation so I thought I would share.

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