Today we’re open sourcing git-xargs, a command-line tool (CLI) for making updates across multiple Github repositories with a single command. You give git-xargs a script to run and a list of repos, and it checks out each repo, runs your scripts against it, commits any changes, and opens pull requests with the results. At the end of each run, you get a detailed report on exactly what happened with each repo:

I finally got an internet badge I was proud of, but I couldn’t embed it in my Github profile! is a startup that empowers you, your friends and families to offset your carbon footprint by funding a climate fund portfolio of restorative projects. The team at are doing profoundly critical work and you should support them, whether it be by offsetting your own footprint, if you can afford to, or by introducing Wren to your friends and co-workers.

They are not just tackling climate related damage, but also the interlinked problem of building social consensus and cooperation around fighting climate change by allowing you to gift Wren, offset someone else’s footprint, create and join teams, and compete…

What we’re building

In this tutorial, I’ll walk through creating a custom portfolio site for showcasing your artistic and engineering endeavors that:

  • is blazing fast (as in 0.3 seconds to first paint)
  • is static, so that it’s simple and there’s nothing that can break
  • is perfectly SEO-optimized, addressing one of the core pain points of shipping a site in Vue.js
  • is beautiful and responsive
  • is free to host thanks to Netlify’s services
  • is 100% cacheable for even more of a performance boost
  • is very easy to maintain (as in, just git push to origin master to have your changes deployed immediately)
  • is very…

This tutorial will walk through building an elaborate CatFacts prank in Golang, deployed via Kubernetes. Why CatFacts? Because it’s more interesting than implementing another TODO app, but our end goal is really to design and build a clean service that is easy to maintain going forward.

You can get the finished code (as well as read the deployment guide) for this service here.

Prank at a glance

As a service administrator, you text the phone number of your prank target to the service. The service then launches an attack on your target — and allows you to monitor and stop it at will.


Zack Proser

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