A week of competitive play

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Week 1 Competitive trends: A general overview.

All stats are compiled from gamesoflegends and use NA/EU LCS, LPL and LCK.

  • Fun fact — 72 total champions played from these 4 regions in 1 competitive week

Pick/Ban rate:

These were the god tier champions that saw over 90% priority in the pick ban phase throughout all 4 major regions.

One of the many top lane gods we are mentally coping with — http://itsexos.deviantart.com/

Rengar — 100%

Camille — 100%

Leblanc — 98%

Zyra — 97%

Ashe — 93%

Maokai — 91%

Ryze — 91%

Everything below this line just there ^^hasn’t seen as much priority, however is definitely still valuable and worth including and discussing.

It’s me, “busted”

Varus — 85%

Malzahar — 81%

Kha’Zix — 79% — has a 75% win rate from 48 games which is insane.

Syndra — 72%

Lee Sin — 66%

Rek’Sai — 63%

Jayce — 60%

Jhin — 55%

Miss Fortune — 54%

Cass — 51%

Everything else is below 50% visibility, you can find that info on GamesofLegends linked above.

The expected?

  • Camille was banned 89 times and only picked 5. Currently 4–1 when picked, LPL is the only Camille loss because of a Darius and camped lane experience.
  • Kha’Zix has quickly cropped up as the best Jungler in competitive play — W gets Evolved before E most times, there are very good reasons for this too. Ordering: Q, W, E. SofM evolved W E R and ignored Q entirely which is a cool adaptation and should be explored for reasoning.
  • Rengar was banned a lot. 83 times, the third most behind LeBlanc (85) and Camille (89)
  • Rengar/Camille/LeBlanc/Ryze/Jayce/Zyra/Syndra/Malzahar were most banned.
  • Corki mid lane is god mode featuring 23 total picks and is mostly picked into Syndra in the LPL (5/7 games seen).

The surprises?

  • Jax — Picked as a counter to Camille
  • Sion — Picked as a potentially dangerous and new addition to the horde of tanks.
  • Tahm Kench — Massive priority in the LPL, cropped up as a top tier support.
  • Singed — He just exists and I dislike him.
  • Kled — into Maokai — hasn’t really worked.
  • Syndra support (LCK)
  • Illaoi (Flaxxish)
  • Lee Sin’s win rate is 30% from 46 games
  • Lulu support — not that surprising, but is a counter to Malzahar
  • Kindred — Decent into the draft but idk why they picked it (didn’t watch). FlyQuest (Cloud 10) played it

Note: a lot of these are designed to beat Maokai or at least deal in some way.

TL;DR — Coaches have a lot more work to do and some are vastly different in their priorities. A big focus moving forward could be on improving this both from a coaching, playing and casting standpoint.

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