Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

I don’t think so. I think Rey’s symmetry is the echo of Anakin: Nobody from nowhere. Blessed with The Force. Handy with machines. Desert planet. Pilot. Etc. I see the story arc as Rey becoming the Chosen One: A Jedi of amazing power the likes of which we have not yet seen (untrained, she bests Kylo calling the saber). JJ is fascinated with The Matrix, and I think Rey will be the Star Wars version of Neo, here, wiping out the Empire and it’s Shadows to enable the galaxy to take on new and scarier foes in the coming years. I think it’s also a mistake to assume answers by Episode 9 … Disney is going to make these movies literally forever. This is their next Marvel investment, and they know that if they do it well, it is going to easily eclipse that franchise. I agree that Rey is no Skywalker. It would be interesting if she is a Kenobi, but I don’t agree with granddaughter. Ben Kenobi could be a great uncle, perhaps, but I don’t see him going down the path that he watched destroy Anakin. Personally, I think it is more interesting if Rey is a new bloodline: A breath of fresh air to reconcile and bring balance. The Skywalkers are clearly incapable of that. It will also mean more if she sacrifices love and child bearing to become a Jedi because that will be a much deeper choice as a female. (Leia didn’t make that choice.) Etc. Good theory, though. I’m sure we’ll get more hints in 17 months.

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