Star Wars: The Child, Adolescent, and Adult

Yesterday, I read about a petition to get George Lucas to direct Episode IX. Realizing that the Internet is at least half-troll, I assumed it to be the work of some Jar Jar lover. After that, I came up with this metaphor.

I love my parents. I was a gifted kid and probably hard to raise, but they managed it. They made sure my youth was nurturing and wholesome. I was a difficult teenager, though, and in those rebellious years, I did and said things that my adult self wishes I had not. As an adult, I am more successful than my dad, and I have a great life. He is a proud father, and I honestly would not have been who I am today without his (and my mom’s) influence.

Star Wars was born in 1977 and everyone knew it would be a special kid. Capturing our imaginations instantly, it was the kind of movie that could be a cult icon for decades. In 1980, as a wee toddler, we were dazzled by the potential with one of the best pieces of film ever made. That performance pushed Star Wars into cultural phenomenon status with lines we recite to this very day. As we all pushed into theaters for the third time to see what this child was growing up to be, we left still wanting more.

Then came the prequels. It had been a long time, so we were curious to see how things had grown up. Instead of being dazzled, we got those awkward teenage conversations and hateful speech that we often do not mean. It was a bitter experience for most given the potential we had seen in the earliest days of childhood. It yearned to be an epic saga, but that was not allowed under Dad’s Rules.

Recently, Star Wars moved out of Dad’s house muttering something about becoming a saga, again. Sure enough, at the first performance, we see the successful adult we always knew it could be. Unfortunately, Dad seems bitter about this. Instead of the proud father, he seems to still be clinging to his old ideology that Star Wars fled in the first place.

The question becomes this: Will George Lucas ultimately let go and let Star Wars fulfill that destiny? Time will tell if we can have reconciliation between the Franchise, the Fans, and the Father. Here’s hoping that he becomes to the Star Wars Universe what Stan Lee has become to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.