This is how Google will collapse
Daniel Colin James

While I think rumors of death are greatly exaggerated, this is a well-written and engaging piece. Google is trying to find their next gold mine, but they are not mining in any of the right places. In addition to being behind Amazon in Cloud Services (as is everyone else on the planet), they are behind Microsoft and losing ground on a cashflow-sustaining #2 spot.

Intriguingly, Google’s approach to cloud services was simply to tell every enterprise and developer that they should build like Google did. To which some percentage said, “Yeah, okay,” and the rest said, “Our app isn’t Google. Two VM’s from AWS (or Azure) is fine for us.” AWS and Azure are candy stores where you can buy what you like. Google Cloud is restrictive/prescriptive, and dealing with the company in this way comes off as “you are doing it wrong” preachiness.

While I don’t think Google is exactly headed for breakup or bankruptcy any time soon, their prominence and influence will be certainly be gone if they don’t change their ways.

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