I don’t like you answer that government programs are the solution.
Tim Knowles

Your response is amazingly naive. There is no rule of economics that states, “there must be a job available for every human.” The “bootstrap” argument is going to simply disappear over the next 10–15 years. Just as “income tax” is going to become obsolete because there will be less “income” for humans, governments must transform, as well. American safety nets, from unemployment to Social Security, are completely inadequate for the coming decades. While I’m not a fan of government programs, UBI and streamlining our welfare state is a far better solution than minimum wage which is already pushing people out of the workforce. We must make these steps together: We cannot transform the entire economy and leave our notions of jobs, income, corporate entities, governments, taxes, or social order un-changed. History tells us that is a recipe for armed revolution, and I would rather avoid such an outcome if it is all the same to you. ESPECIALLY since we can see this coming a mile away. We CAN do something about it. Choosing not to is akin to standing on a train track and not moving despite knowing getting hit by the train is going to be, umm, “life changing.”

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