Consumer data is everywhere during the Covid epidemic. For some, it can predict the future.

By Alan Lightfeldt and Zack Styskal

In this article:

· Publicly available, aggregated Coronavirus tracking data can provide businesses with incredible consumer insights

· We expect these observations to fuel business capabilities, but the data should be obtained and used ethically

· We share 4 ways leaders can leverage this new data for long-term resiliency in a rapidly changing environment

If you live in South Korea, your mobile devices are probably driving you crazy. With over 90% of the population using a smartphone, nearly 47 million are subjected to dozens of Covid-related government-controlled emergency alerts every day. And you — as a resident — can’t turn them off. In fact, if you leave your phone behind when you go out, you can incur a massive fine; and South Koreans aren’t alone. Hong Kong tracks via Facebook-owned WhatsApp, while China follows Covid cases through WeChat. In Italy, the Google and Apple-developed Immuni app was downloaded…

Zack Styskal

I lead product incubators and digital accelerators, love geography, and am fascinated by enclaves and exclaves.

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