Why Travelling won’t hurt your Career

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably always wanted to travel, but it’s never been the ‘right time’. The truth is that we’ve all got too much work and we’ve all got a million things going on in our lives. You hear others talk about their amazing experiences, but you’ve just got too much going on to think about travelling. In this post I’m going to talk about why travelling won’t hurt your career.

The Story

So here’s the story: We’re supposed to go to university, then we’re supposed to get a job, then we’re supposed to get a mortgage, then we’re supposed to settle down and have a family. Whether it’s the pressure of your parents or you’re scared to fall behind your peers, taking time out to travel is a really daunting thing.

The Reality

I felt all these pressures and they almost stopped me going. The one I struggled with most was falling a further year behind my peers (I already took one year out to start a business).

I’m 23. Most of my friends have great full time jobs and I’m not ashamed to admit that right now I’m behind them on the career ladder.

But here’s the thing.

A career is long. Most span upwards of 40 years.

Do you really think you can’t catch up in 40 years?

Picture yourself at 80. Do you think you’ll want to swap seeing the world for an extra year in work?

Your career success will be dictated by your talent and hard work over decades. Not one year. Travelling won’t hurt your career.

If you’re not satisfied with your career at 60, it won’t be because you saw the world in your 20’s.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

If you can give yourself an opportunity to travel, give it a go.

Originally published at zacmoyle.com on October 16, 2017.