Adapting To Challenges In Andela

Getting to week two of Andela was not easy. There were a lot of things that I did not know about. For example, this is my first time using HTML and CSS. However, to overcome these challenges I had to learn how to adapt.

I adapted by dividing what I’m learning into small chunks that are easily understandable. I believe it’s better to understand a small part of something very well than to only have a rough idea of a whole topic. After I grasp a small part of that area I am learning I move on to the next.

A big factor in the way you adapt is the community that is behind you. As a self-taught programmer, I didn’t have people I could turn to unless I went to online forums. In Andela, however, there are my fellow boot campers and the learning facilitators who are always willing to help. This makes it easier to get a quick response without having to wait for people to see your question in a forum.

A key thing to remember when adapting to change is that change in life is constant. Change must be embraced and the biggest barrier to adaptation is your mind.

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