An Animalia inspired poem

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A — Anxiety
Anxious animals apt at accentuating angst, apprehension, and annoyance.

Borderline bodies berating buddies based on biased beliefs.

C — Crisis Plan
Critical contracts created to consistently control crisis conundrums.

D — Depression
Dark days diabolically dictated by dubious and delusional diatribes.

E — Eating Disorder
Every edible entry erroneously examined, entirely eroding elation.

F — Fatigue
Floundering, flopping and feeling fried, with fleeting fierceness forcing forward fixes.

G — Gambling
Gluttonous gaming gods grabbing guy’s gold, gutting glorious goals.

H — Hoarding Heedless of his hoard he haplessly hastens his having of a hundred…

Because life is full of ups and downs

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Two leaves float down a river,
Pulled by the current of life.
Sometimes they take the same path,
Sometimes the river splits them up.

Yet even when apart,
They travel together.
Because all paths lead to the source,
Still, each journey may vary.

Where one leaf faces rocks and rapids,
The other leaf faces calm tranquillity.
Where one leaf feels the warmth of the sun,
The other leaf is beaten by rain.

At times, all leaves get stuck,
Blocked by debris or caught on a bank.
Or pulled under the surface and trapped.
At these times the leaves must wait.

The reality of recovery isn’t pretty

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Triggers are tricky things.

Some I know of and actively avoid. Others blindside me. Some are specific, only occurring around a particular person or situation. Others are global and will without fail impact me anywhere and everywhere.

It can be a look, a smell, a touch. Anything.

One time, whilst visiting a friend, the smell of some mouldy food brought me back to the pigsty that was my father’s house.

Another time, it was the mere choice of words combined with a tone of voice that had me withdrawing into a corner.

The smell of dust warming on old gas…

A poem

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The battle lines are drawn I turn inwards They snarl Bearing teeth All too big for their mouths They curse They cajole They threaten They remind me of their brethren The victors of the last war The darkness fuels them My fear fuels them They surround me Attacking from behind Infiltrating my defences I fall My mind closes in All seems lost But then I remember I have been here before I know their tactics I know their weaknesses I know their game Just deception Just intimidation I turn and face them Staring them down My gaze is illuminating Golden…

A poem

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*Trigger warning*

It’s time I got my own
From a world that didn’t care
From a world that wasn’t home
Taken and laid bare
Taken before I had grown
My home turned into a lair
Used and left alone
But now I can share
But now I have grown
But now I will dare
To take back that loan
To make the ledgers fair

Perhaps you need a clue? Because I still remember Now I am coming for you A new contender If you only knew That night in December That door stepped through Had me questioning my gender Unsure…

A poem on the descent into the personal hell of mental illness

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The clarity of the past is blinding,
With ill-conceived words
And deeds now binding.

Longing for a change inside and out,
All I’m left with now is doubt.

Spiraling into darkness,
The void is all I see,
The world is falling down,
Dropping on top of me.

Any feeling is a good feeling,
Bleeding just for the sensation,
Bleeding to feel alive again.

I’m sick of all the trying,
Sick of all the crying,
Sick of everything that I ever was.

All I want to do is let it go,
Not let it show and forget about the rest.


A poem exploring the impact of our suffering on loved ones

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What’s wrong, are you ok?
Why don’t you come out and play?
Laugh, smile and have some fun.
It is just wonderful here in the sun!

Take a chance, live a little and smile.
You know we’re only here for a little while.
You’re missing out on love, adventure and life.
We never see you, are you in strife?

Don’t worry about me, I’m just tired.
I will be ok, just wait another day.
It is nothing I assure you.
Would you believe it’s a cold or flu?

Come, let’s dance! Be moved and swirled! Take a chance and step…

Zachary Phillips

✍️ Poet | Author | Podcaster | Mental Health Advocate

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