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Protestors at the foot of Ruby Ridge. Photo credit: The Spokesman-Review

Randy Weaver and his adopted son Kevin Harris sprinted to the family’s isolated mountain cabin. A bullet had struck Weaver in the back, and he knew others were sure to follow. The FBI had stationed agents around his homestead on Ruby Ridge in Idaho the previous day when an encounter between the Weaver family and federal agents ended in the death of Randy’s teenage son and a U.S. Deputy Marshal.

As the men ran, Randy’s wife Vicki held the door to the cabin open with one hand as she held her baby daughter with the other. Before Weaver and Harris…

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Photo Credit: Thomas O’Neill/NurPhoto/Getty Images

CW: pedophilia, child trafficking, assault, violence against LGBT+ individuals

In the winter of 2011, psychiatrists from across Russia found themselves traveling to Moscow for a new round of government-mandated training. Responding to concerns about the presence of a “pedophile lobby” in parliament that had grown over the previous decade, the Kremlin introduced its own legislation that sentenced repeat sex offenders to life in prison as well as mandatory psychiatric treatment. Pedophilia, as far as most Russians were concerned, was a mental disorder, an affliction to be treated and — ultimately — eliminated. For treatment to be effective, Russian psychiatrists needed…

Zac T.T.

Grad student and university instructor specializing in American literature, history, and politics. All views are my own.

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