Learning is a tricky thing. I mean, we all know how to learn, right? You learned how to walk, talk, read, hopefully. However, not everyone learns the same way or within the same context. I’ve had friends who were horrible in school but insanely smart and have gone on to do some amazing things. I think where it gets tricky is where we say, “someone has to learn this way”. So for me, the following is how I learn best.

I’m a super organized person who likes to see and collect everything that comes out of the websites and content…

I’m going to fail in 2018. You are also, most likely, going to fail. It’s often that expectations and comparison rob us of joy throughout our lives. Especially those of us who are goal-setters and new-year-resolution-doers. For most of us, even if we don’t write them down we have goals and aspirations of some kind.

It goes without saying, you probably won’t complete every goal you have for this year — much less those made throughout the rest of your lifetime. For me, this has definitely been the case. I either forget about my goals after a few months, or…

Llandeilo Castle, Scotland

A couple months ago, my wife and I took advantage of some cheap flights to Iceland and turned them into a two week trip to four countries. It was really helpful for us to take rest seriously and get some time away from work together by exploring new experiences and places.

Deciding where to go

Like anyone else on the face of the planet right now, we decided, “Hey let’s go to Iceland!” After getting some cheap tickets from WOW airlines, I checked on how much it would be to fly from Iceland to the UK. Turns out its cheap. Like, really cheap. …

I’m 100% a digital person. I love pixels. I use Bear app for note taking and storing ideas, both personal and work-related. I’m pretty entrenched in Dropbox and its ecosystem. And without having to mention it, I have a lot of automated tasks set up to help with my workflows. But nothing beats a good physical notebook.

At work, I use a notebook from Baron Fig, the Confidant model, and then I use a small moleskin for my personal life and daily to-dos. When things come to mind I write them down or plan out my day in the morning…

Weekly reading to inspire and learn from.

Introduction to Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristics can tell us a lot about a product’s broken usability and experience.

The Beauty Of Imperfection In Interface Design

Letting go of perfectionism in design and knowing your product will change time and time again.

Asking the right questions during user research, interviews and testing

Best practices on interviewing and formats for conducting them.

Progress Indicators in Mobile UX Design

Some examples and guiding principles for providing loading feedback in mobile design.

Abstract App

A new product in beta that has an amazingly talented team around it. Big UX names who helped develop and design the experience.

Taking Feedback Impersonally

An article by Julie Zhuo who is the product VP at Facebook.

Zac Walberer

Product Design @GustoHQ. Sports generalist. Burrito enthusiast. Professional learner. zacwalberer.com

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