Learning is a tricky thing. I mean, we all know how to learn, right? You learned how to walk, talk, read, hopefully. However, not everyone learns the same way or within the same context. I’ve had friends who were horrible in school but insanely smart and have gone on to do some amazing things. I think where it gets tricky is where we say, “someone has to learn this way”. So for me, the following is how I learn best.

I’m a super organized person who likes to see and collect everything that comes out of the websites and content creators. It helps me digest it a bit better and saves time for me. I don’t have to go track down a million things from a million sources. All the things I’m interested in and want to learn about, I make come to me through a select few tools. …


Zac Walberer

Product Design @GustoHQ. Sports generalist. Burrito enthusiast. Professional learner. zacwalberer.com

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