An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

As a former (paid) game tester for Combat Testing with clients such as THQ, EA Games and more, what I don’t understand is WHY it was released without a beta test in such an early stage. Or are you using the players as beta testers without letting players know?

Everything done with this game was wrong. The current version is not what the commercials/trailers for this game promises (which could be considered by some as false advertising and could get the FTC involved if complaints were made since people do have to make in game purchases). The current version and those before have too many game bugs which should be shaken out by beta testers. The game servers cannot and have not been able to handle the amount of people playing, beta testing it with a select amount of people could have helped or may be it couldn’t shake that out until the servers were overloaded. The API were “hacked” easily by third party individuals wanting to create so-called cheats (sorry but I still don’t see Pokevision as a cheat) because the game was released much too early to the general public around the world. That’s another issue, if the game is so unstable and not up to the trailers teases then it should have been released to a limited market for testing THEN and only then once it was stable, playable and lived up to the trailer teases released slowly around the world. With big name games sometimes games are not released for months.

As a gamer, a former beta tester and a Pokemon Go player I honestly believe that this game never ever should have been released in it’s initial or even current form. The initial release screams to many people that your company is being greedy by using us (the players) as guinea pigs and who are essentially funding with in-game purchases this game. How much money has Pokemon Go generated for your company? How much money has Niantic profited from this game? That is why so many people are upset because they have spent money on a beta game and feel cheated out being able to enjoy a stable game.

Take it from me, as a former beta tester, you’re going to need to be more transparent with the players because your company lost a lot of trust in countless people.