#30Wears Movement: Jessi Fredrick wears The Boyfriend Button Up

Livia Firth is the founder and creative director of Eco Age, a brand consultancy that creates bespoke sustainable solutions. Through Eco Age, Firth started the #30wears movement to challenge people to wear their clothes at least 30 times, and combat the devastating effects of fast fashion on the environment and the people who make our clothes.

Zady is thrilled to support #30wears by calling upon our muses, each a fabulous #zadylady in her own right, to show the versatility of our pieces, and the importance of choosing classics that are made from sustainable natural fibers, rather than trendy pieces made from polyester, plastic, and other synthetics harmful to the environment.

Zady lady Jessi Fredrick stands with Zady and Firth in supporting this modern movement. Jessi is a content creator based out of Brooklyn, NY. She started her site StylishGambino in 2012, in which she explains “I’m not a blogger, I just post a lot”. Jessi and Zady connected over our mission to create ethical and stylish alternatives to fast fashion.

Jessi creates this casual look with an untucked .05 Boyfriend Button Up, the bottom buttons undone, paired with white denim.

Jessi: “More often than not, I publish a ‘blog post’ featuring at least one piece that I have styled in a previous post, because let’s be honest, I don’t have the time, budget, or closet space to shop for new pieces for every new #ootd. Generally, women wear their clothing only 7 times before disposing of them, which is extremely detrimental to the environment, considering the amount of water and chemicals it takes to produce most pieces of clothing.”

Jessi relaxes with a coffee, in a pair of denim shorts and the.05 Boyfriend Button Up tucked in.

“Most of our clothing is made from petroleum-based synthetics, like polyester (which takes 200 years to decompose). Make conscious purchases by investing in longevity, not the latest trends.”

Jessi layers the .05 Boyfriend Button Up over a white tank and black trousers, creating an effortless look.

Jessi: “Much like Murphy Beds and Meryl Streep, our clothing has versatility. It’s imperative that we educate ourselves on the impacts of the fashion industry, why it’s important to shop from brands with high-quality products & high-standard practices, and how we can play a better role in it all.”

Jessi Fredrick: Instagram Website

Photos by Lily Chappell Instagram Website

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