Late Summer Beauty Routine

Summer Product Intern

As Zady’s summer product Intern, I’ve learned a lot in the past few months about the important intersection of transparency, materials and design. I have dug into the stories behind different products from apparel to makeup, and have come to appreciate how the things I put on my body impact my wellness and the world around me. The more I’ve explored the natural beauty market in particular, the more excited I’ve become about high-performing natural beauty products that make great ‘shelfies’ but also have sophisticated, effective formulas I can feel good about.

We’re now well into summer, and the season’s unique combination of outdoor heat and humidity with the dry, cold environment created by office air-conditioning have probably taken your skin for a wild ride. I’m likely not the only one facing a bit of the oil, dehydration, and odd sunburn that comes along with real summer skin! While cycling products into my routine to work with my skin as it is this season, I’ve also been making the switch to natural skincare products. I’ve been turning to some of the best products from the Zady beauty department to keep my skin smooth and hydrated, and to make a positive change for my overall health.

To start, one of my favorite natural beauty products to treat my #summerskin has been the Coco Rose Scrub from Herbivore Botanicals. After a few sunny beach sessions that didn’t involve enough sunscreen, I have patches of burns and tanned but dry skin, and in the shower I use this scrub to buff away the driest layers of my skin. Coco Rose is great for burns — it contains Moroccan rose oil, which has proven anti-inflammatory properties and helps to soothe and heal sunburns. The coconut oil also plays an important role in this skincare step, as it stay on after scrubbing everything away and gives your fresh skin the moisture it needs.

Earth Tu Face’s Face Wash has also become a favorite. It smells beautiful and herby and spreads over the face easily, and emulsifies into a smooth foam. The saponified oils it contains easily dissolve grease, dirt, and makeup, so my skin feels thoroughly clean after using a single pump of this. It’s a great product to prep skin for an exfoliant, serum, or, in my case, face oil.

To deeply hydrate my skin and give it a luminous glow, I’ve been following cleanser with Good4You Plant Makeup’s Beach Rose Skin Repair Serum to moisturize. On top of containing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory rose oil (great for redness and improving acne), this natural skincare serum contains carrot seed oil and helichrysum oil, both potent natural anti-aging ingredients. A few drops alone is all I need, and my skin is left with a healthy dewy finish.

For moisturizing the rest of me, I’ve been keeping Rue de Marli’s No. 27 Body Lotion by my desk at work and next to the sink at home. I’m usually averse to lotions, but I’ve made an exception after finding that this one absorbs quickly, without lingering on the skin or leaving any stickiness. After a shower, I like to mix it with a few drops of my Good for You Rose Serum to apply to and nourish very dry areas. The thing I like most about this and Rue de Marli’s products are their scent. The best way to describe Bois Precieux is as a mix of floral woods and white flowers, but it stays very dry (as opposed to the sweet florals of most products, which I find overwhelming), and smells very refined.

This summer I’ve embraced a healthy, bare-skinned look, so the last step of my summer beauty routine has been to top off my skincare steps with only a lip tint. Because I love the floral and coconut-y Coco Rose scrub, I picked up the Coco-Rose Lip Tint as well. Coconut oil is an effective and yummy lip moisturizer, and this tint makes my lips a more vibrant version of my natural pink, which I like.

All in all, switching in natural beauty products this summer has been a fun process, and hasn’t involved any feelings of sacrifice! Zady has sourced the products in the Zady Beauty Collection from creative, passionate makers that have combined natural ingredients, effective formulas, and beautiful packaging into items that elevate the every day. In using these products I’ve become confident that wonderful products can be made without additives, odd chemicals I can’t pronounce, and controversial ingredients. Who needs them when natural beauty products are this good?

Photography by Rachel Hickman, our marketing summer intern and student at Savannah College of Art and Design

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