Thoughts on the Apple Watch

Unlike most manufacturers, Apple took some time to enter the smartwatch market. As a tech geek, I was curious to find out about the specifications of the watch and what it had to offer. Now that the information is out to the public and we are able to see what features the Apple Watch offers, I’d like to share my opinion on the watch.

The Good

Other than the usual (build quality, sapphire display) that one would expect from Apple, there is not much to say about the Apple watch. I love the watchbands that Apple is offering as it gives people the opportunity to really customize the look of the watch to really make it their own. However, you’ll have to pay a pretty hefty amount for one as the watchbands will cost between $49 and $449.

Apple was wise to include wifi and NFC in the watch. The option to pay for things using my watch sounds great for a person like me who hates taking out his wallet to pay for things at the store. However, as a Canadian, I am not keeping my hopes up when most stores will start supporting Apple Pay.

The Bad

Though the watch looks better than most smartwatches in the market today, it does not say much about the design. I personally prefer the design of the Moto 360 over the Apple Watch, but I am sure there are people who prefer Apple’s take on smartwatch design.

Battery life in smartwatches is something that leaves a lot of room for improvement and I was expecting better results from Apple (considering the amount of time the company took to bring the watch to the market). 18 hours of battery life was a let down and considering how batteries lose capacity over time, it might be even less over time. There are much better alternatives (LG G Watch R, Pebble) if battery life is one of the deciding factors for you.

The Ugly

I was expecting the price to be higher than the competition, because, it is, you know, Apple that we are looking at. But I was not expecting to pay $350–400 for the sport model and $549–1000 for the regular steel model. I am not even going to bother commenting on the whopping $10,000 Watch Edition (check out what you can buy for that price here). Even the best Android offerings cost less than the cheapest model of the Apple watch.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to like about the Apple Watch, but there is nothing striking or groundbreaking about the watch. Yes, it will probably do what it does quite well, but I feel like Apple missed out on the chance to introduce something revolutionary to the market. But I am sure it will still sell like hot cakes despite not being anything special.

Originally published at on March 9, 2015.

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