An Introduction to Digikrieg

Digikrieg is a small project of mine that I’ve turned into a website. More specifically, it is a competition engine for use in InfoSec based CTFs. You can use this site to compete in or host a CTF entirely for free. The engine that runs in the background is a simple scoring engine. Its basically a glorified quiz with multiple levels, instant feedback, and score tracking. If you want to just check it out, head over to to get started.

How to Register for a competition

Let me show how you can register for a competition hosted on Digikrieg. The process is quite simple. But you’ll want to follow the instructions below carefully to make sure that everything works correctly.

Head to, there you will be presented with a login page. Since you don’t yet have a user account you will need to create one.

Click “register.”

This will now take you to the registration page. Fill out the required data. The most important lines are marked below. Your “team name” is your “username”.

Once you have filled out all the required information and clicked on the register button here you will be taken to another page giving you the option to login. Click to login. Then when prompted enter your username (team name) and password.

Now you’re going to be asked if you want to register for any competitions. Assuming you have a registration code you will want to click “yes.” If you don’t have a registration code at this time you can always come back to this prompt later by clicking “Compete” on the navigation bar.

Clicking yes here will take you to a form to enter your code into. Enter your code exactly as you received it. This includes any dashes or other marks.

Once your code is entered make sure to click submit. If you click “Go Home” before clicking submit, the code will not be processed. Whether the code was valid or not should be indicated by a red or green message box appearing on the top of the screen after you click submit.

Now you’re ready to compete. From the competitions page you are given the option to jump right in to compete, or go straight to the scoreboard if you want to see how everyone else is doing.

To join a competition, click on it’s name. In this case I would click on “Freedom of the Press.”

NOTE: If either of these options are grayed out it indicates that the competition you tried to join is “closed”. As long as you can still see the name you should be registered. You will need to wait for the competition owner to open the competition before you can start competing. (This feature exists so that you can register people before opening, then have them all start competing at once to keep it fair.)