We are not ready.

You heard me right. We are not even close to being ready. Far from it. As a nation, as a species, we are already falling behind our tech. And we are not ready for what comes next.

Take a look around you. You’ll see people using consumer ready products like smartphones that we have finally mostly grown accustomed to. But God forbid someone slaps a pair of glasses with a camera on their face. Heaven help us when it comes to responsibility for our computer networks and associated security dilemmas.

I’m less concerned with the cause of our technological myopia. And more concerned with the fact that it exists at all. I don’t think we’ll see a solution. I don’t think we’ll find a way to help human society at large keep up with progress. And this is a very big problem.

Look at the tediously slow promulgation process for drone regulations as a fine example of this. Cutting even closer to the heart of the danger however is the public’s personal response to drone flights they don’t like. As a drone operator I have personally been threatened, screamed at and verbally assaulted for flying my own drone over my own backyard.

And I’m not alone. It is a matter of public record that there have been many such incidents throughout the nation. Beyond just drone pilots people have been attacked for wearing Google Glass. One man with an actual cybernetic implant recorded his assault in a McDonalds a few years back.

For all our wonderful prowess, humans are still nothing more than animals at their core. Animals who will attack things they don’t understand with righteous indignation. For the sake of our future we must find a way to remove human nature from the technological value equation.

That is all.

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