Economic nationalism, & deconstruction of our safety net… aka watch out the poor & middle class you are about to get screwed

So, another day of constantly looking for news alerts to see which group is getting screwed… I saw it on BBC first. Steve Bannon talking at a conference. I clicked “play” and I got confused. This used to be a conference of social conservatives who generally speaking firmly believe in the theory of globalization (I think). This time they had Mr Bannon who is quite scary on many levels. He identified three themes for the Trump presidency — 1. security/sovereignty, 2. Economic nationalism, & 3. Destroying the administrative state.

Economic nationalism as I understand it means imposing high tariffs on other countries' products. Well, if we impose taxes on other people’s products they will do the same to us. Guess who pays to buy and consume these products?? Oh yeah, me and you.

You know those products that are made in China so you could buy it cheaper in your local Walmart… well, in the era of economic nationalism Bannon/Trump will impose high tariffs on those companies that make their products in China and then you and i will pay more at our local markets.

And, in this era we will keep alive old industries at the expense of guess who? Yep. Your pocket book and mine. Trump/Bannon want to revitalize coal even though natural gas is cheaper. There is a coal power plant in Arizona that is planning to be shut down because a natural gas plant is not only cleaner but CHEAPER!! The coal plant will only stay in business if it gets financial assistance in the form of tax relief. What does that mean? Yes, those jobs will be saved (800 jobs) because the coal plant will continue but at what expense? Yep, at the expense of your money. And, this is not to mention that this protectionist attitude doesn’t help improve our economy or our way of life. Why keep alive a dying industry at the expense of allowing the next generation of that Industry? It’s like saying we don’t want automobiles because we need to keep alive the horse drawn carriage industry. Innovation should be celebrated and not feared. Come on Republicans!! Don’t get scammed.

And then destroying the “administrative state”. I took that to mean that the 14th amendment will be suspended during the Bannon/Trump era. Equal rights will be up to each individual and you just hope you are a white man. But the 4th amendment will be expanded while the 1st amendment will be challenged and will be manipulated to meet the needs of the Orange buffoon…

Republicans- where did you guys go??These guys leading your party are taking you for a ride. And to the poor and middle class (I am a member of the upper middle) we are about to get majorly screwed. Our wallets will be much lighter the next four years. And to those who voted for Bannon/Trump it’s okay but please don’t make the same mistake again. Vote for your wallet next time and vote for moving us forward and don’t vote based on your fear. Vote for hope and not anger. To the racists, shame on you!