Hot Flashes

I am heading to my sunset… yep, it is true and the journey has just began. I have a long way to go, but my journey has started. I know this, because I could just be sitting with nothing going on and all of a sudden I break into a sweat. It sucks ass! I don’t like it at all. But it is a reality and I need to just muster the courage to embrace it or at least be comfortable with it.

Ladies, I am talking about that time of age when your period begins to change from clockwork to sporadically showing up. This period marks the beginning of our sunset. Yep, that’s what I refer to the beginning of death. Sure, this era will last what I hope to be at least 34 more years, but it is the beginning. I am told I may be in this stage for more than a few years then I move to hair growing out of my nose and my chin. Yes, I will wax.

I am beginning to be okay with this era and what will come with it. I will enjoy my food more, travel more, enjoy my job more, enjoy myself more and eventually retire (23 years from now) and travel the world on a monster luxury ship :-).

So, bring it on! I will not fight you. I will enjoy you.