San Francisco

I call San Francisco home. I have lived here since 2004, almost 13 years. It is the best place on earth!! It is! By the way, if this was a Mormon heaven it would be the Celestial Kingdom (the highest of the three heavens).

First, it is a Bubble for those who embrace all people and all cultures. And, it is the heart of the tech economy so a lot of smart people live here. It has hills and more hills that if you were walking through the City you could get pissed off, but just when you are about to lose it cuz your hamstrings hurt and you are tired you come across a beautiful/breathtaking view like the one off of Union street as you are going to Russian Hill from North Beach. Yeah, the one to your right as you climb up and see Alcatraz or the one from Fillmore street as you are coming to the Marina from the Castro. Yeah, that amazing view of the water and if you squint you can see Sausalito. Or the one on the same spot but looking left and you see the most beautiful bridge that is standing strong and ready to take your breath and a little piece of your heart. The Golden Gate Bridge, obviously.

It has the Castro District where the gays used to have their bubble within the Bubble. It has North Beach, China town, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Marina, Inner and Outer Richmond, Western Addition, The Fillmore, Sunset and The Mission!! I am sure I forgot a few districts and I am sorry for that. Oh, and the Tenderloin, Tender Nob, Pac Heights, Twin Peaks… and more. The thing is that each of these areas have their own distinct bubble within The Bubble. They all offer something unique. And, they all benefit from people just wanting to live their lives without putting judgement on others… well, for the most part. Sometimes we get mad and protest when we feel that the progressive mode is being challenged. We do judge a little.

Okay, back to the City’s beauty. The streets of San Francisco. I like Castro street for its gay history. I like Grant street for China town and when it goes through North Beach. I like Polk street for its grit. I like Union and Chestnut for its high class. I love Mission and Valencia for its yuppie and its South of the border feel. I love love Montgomery street for its tall buildings and bustling feel. I love Sacramento street as it goes through the Financial District through China town and up to Grace Cathedral. The street takes you through different worlds and you get to walk up the street and inhale this soft and relaxing oxygen that takes away all your troubles. I love California street for its big town feel.

And then its parks. Dolores Park gives you the Sunday picnic and pot brownies being sold by some guy from the 60s. Golden Gate park gives you a little bit of everything and leads you to the beach. If you thought Hyde park or Central Park was nice then you will be blown away by the calm that Golden Gate brings you without the intentional beauty that others give you.

The weather could be better but I won’t complain. The summers are cold but October is great.

I used to day dream and nite dream that one day I would live in San Francisco. I remember living in LA and coming here for work. I would walk the streets and would dream away as I climbed the hills. Now I live here and I love it.

The picture above is from a restaurant in China town.