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  • Ayyüce Kızrak, Ph.D.

    Ayyüce Kızrak, Ph.D.

    AI Expert at Digital Transformation Office, The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey | Academician at Bahçeşehir University | http://www.ayyucekizrak.com/

  • Şaban Ulutaş

    Şaban Ulutaş

    Senior Software Engineer ||| Refactor the life ||| Less is more ||| Great things never came from Comfort Zones

  • Semih Akartuna

    Semih Akartuna

    Software, Developer, IoT, Entrepreneur, Inventor

  • Ender Yilmaz

    Ender Yilmaz

  • TeknoTower


    TeknoTower, kaliteli ve faydalı teknolojik bilgi sağlayan bir sosyal medya hareketidir

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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