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2016 CES International Consumer Electronics Show will be held from January 6 to 9th in the United States in Las Vegas. TechnoBuffalo foreign media reported that this year’s CES show seems to be different this year. CES over the past few years focused on the mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and computers and other hardware, and this year’s new products will focus on software and services.

It was reported that in 2016 will be one year prevalence of smart TVs and smart home products, we also look forward to the emergence of more Internet devices, such as fitness tracking devices, smart watches and so on. In addition, the content of virtual reality equipment, 4K “explosion” and a large number of automotive technology is a shining point of CES 2016.

1. Internet connect everything

You may have heard of “Internet of things” the word at this year’s CES show, will no longer be buzzwords, we call the Internet of things, it will become a very powerful platform for all products.

We’ve seen signs of things coming, and LG will be launched on the CES 2016 latest WebOS 3.0 system, Samsung also confirmed that will be added to the 2016 UHDTV television products SmartThings smart home platform. This means that LG and Samsung’s smart TV will serve as the hub for smart home, with features such as control light bulb, connect the speakers.

2. more smart cars


At the CES show, we will see a lot more “smart” product, in other words, the automatic driving this concept in the past few years is still in automotive technology will become a reality.

To cite an example, BMW feature will be displayed at the CES show concept BMW AirTouch cockpit, the technology will allow users in the car by gesture music, temperature, and so on. Last year, companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have launched a technology with automated driving capabilities, Audi A7 even let the automatic transmission the drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

3. virtual reality

Virtual reality will be the CES 2016 show the existence of a very bright eyes, we are likely to see at the show HTC Vive virtual reality head-mounted devices such as Sony PlayStation and VR’s debut. In addition, we will probably hear more news about Oculus Rift, such as games and other software compatible with the device, and so on.

4. Project Tango

Lenovo will be announced during this year’s CES and Google News about Project Tango project, we think, the best may be a new smartphone or Tablet PC, may also have other partners to join, but it could not be determined. In addition, Intel RealSense technology will also appear on the CES 2016, at present, the technology has been used for 3D printing.

5.4K is everywhere

A few years ago, 4K is effective and expensive for consumers there. And now, 4K TV, less expensive, 4K also became the focus of attention. TechnoBuffalo believes that at this session we will see more 4K content appear on the CES, such as film, radio, and more. Of course, streaming content on 4K is also something to look forward to. DVF iPhone 5

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