Materialistic arbitrary Python 2 Pro I had to listen to the sound of my music

More than 10 years ago, I bought a Jay in video “fantasy” when tapes, music this thing gives me unlimited is wonderful. More than 10 years later, the physical music market has been lacklustre, the music industry completed the shift from offline to online, online music has become an integral part of this fungus form of recreation. In short, in this Internet-driven growth season, your device is not networking has been sorry say hello–I want to say is that this Python 2 Pro Audio direct link you can listen to the song.

With Python 2 Pro such a direct link to listen to the song of the sound, its top is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, the touch-screen operation and interaction of all tasks. This gave it a full stand-alone operation possible, but at this stage the next, perhaps the most popular form is not.

One difference: the clouds sound what do you need in the body of the operation

As a cloud music audio, Python 2 Pro equivalent of online music services built-in, while the bottom layer using the Android, but you can not install any third-party services as well as the music back to Android desktop.

Locked music services and non-extension of the Python 2 Pro has full independence, but the lack of any social networking and link properties, it was unable to import lists from a third party music services, whether you are using NetEase, QQ music cloud music is the watercress radio, all can not be used. It is unacceptable for some people, I have a colleague who wanted to use music services can seamlessly migrate to a wide variety of hardware, always maintain a unified personal habits on different hardware. For this category of users, and acoustic display is not necessary, all operations can be carried out on the phone and quick operation, as long as the third party services import song lists into the sound of music on the Mobile App.

But there’s another category of users than Internet on mobile phone heavy Internet users, of all things, they hope to be able to operate on the sound itself. For whom hands playing with a cell phone and remote control is completely different feeling, even if it is the same, but the former will bring them more pleasure. Internet of things technology-seeker than radical, sometimes retro is also has its charms, and retro trend is showing a rising trend.

I switch modes it will play automatically, often I jump

Is about the last thing before you can use it to connect the power, input voltage of 24V with 2.3A power 55W. Power connector on the back panel audio, from left to right is the USB interface, the AP button, Bluetooth key, a Line in port and power connectors.
 Is the power switch on the far right. Moving Python 2 Pro I found noise when placed on the table and not as big, if you turn it over to see, in addition to the label and certificate at the bottom there are four soft feet, reduce noise and reduce the possibility of damage when you move. Just used compact Bluetooth speaker for I see a half computer audio is a bit too much.

Python 2 Pro can not rely on mobile clients, and through the process of searching songs listen to the song on the sound itself, just like we have all the usual online listening to music software, the screen in the search box, enter the song title, artist or album, you would come out of reserving them. According to the official website of Python technology introduces cloud music library of around 2 million of the Python 2 Pro, I found a bit like Song Dongye, Wan fang, Lei Guang Xia, a good sister, singer of the band is not too public works are included, foreign pop singer Sam Smith, Katy Perry album are compared.

What about how to control song playback, in fact, a button at the bottom of the screen there are four entities, apart from switching, as well as play/pause, and the two volume keys, press the handle hard … …
 Backlight a bit Low, the sound does not support viewing MV. Has the full play in audio mode selection, including music radio, Line in, Bluetooth, USB, and network, and of course Line in mode, Bluetooth and u need to connect other devices to use. Encountered a problem while I use is, if you switch to music mode or Internet radio station will automatically play the music or radio content, often makes me jump.

I got the Python 2 Pro’s color is blue, the official version was “too blue”, yes you want to that right, they also have “the Lori powder”, and “local payments” and “high-end”. This is a place I don’t like many intelligent hardware, an interesting decent names can be in some cases enhance the dissemination of results, but accidentally also become very ridiculous.

Phone’s role is almost purely a remote control

On its website or set up a cloud of Python can be found in audio Mobile App QR address is currently available only for iOS and Android. Mobile App contains five play modes, in addition to slightly different interaction, and sound-side is exactly the same in functionality.

Bluetooth mode: Python behind the clouds audio Bluetooth button is pressed, Bluetooth connection on your phone. In listening to songs on your phone will be synchronized to audio playback via Bluetooth, mobile phones can be used on any third-party players actions, which came only from the speakers, of course, sound quality is limited by the Bluetooth transmission rate there should not be any expectation.

Music mode: common streaming music apps on the market and, like search, featured, lists, there are songs. But unable to play local music on a mobile phone.

USB mode: plug in the USB stick will search inside the songs, while on the phone end with with a song, with mobile phone remote control is very simple.

Line in mode: the mobile phone with a data cable and audio connections, audio will read songs to play on your phone, simple violence.

Internet radio: the point spread.

I have a question, why has done on the phone with LAN connection to the phone, but why hand can only exist as a remote control, wireless play to rely on Bluetooth mode? To know the Bluetooth transfer rate falls far short than Wi-Fi, what is more convenient than Wi-Fi.

Sense of hearing and summarized

Music lovers a is referred to as the “metaphysical” areas, meaning into “golden ear” needs not only the accumulation of large amounts of money and equipment, also needs a certain amount of talent I field far from professional, but as a consumer, I will tell you how I feel. As a sound, its effects and is a little Bluetooth speaker of our common natural, as far as I heard, low frequency effects on surge, between the feet. But a narrow sound, resolution is more general. High frequency in more turbid, can see manufacturers set-up is completely around the low frequency.

Listen to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and Chin’s “Ferry”, Jackson sign treble and tenor of the Chin completely out, but murky. According to the description of colleagues, which sells 1999 audio as used is not a problem for the family, low frequency “verb words” could fool people at first glance, but if you’re on sound quality are required, at this price, you also have more choices.


1. independent searching songs played

2. rich colors

3. supports Bluetooth and USB, multiple play modes Michael Kors case

4. the music library is rich Michael Kors Galaxy S5 Cases


1. does not support Wi-Fi streaming

2. does not support importing third party playlist

3. do not support watching MV

4. tune the bass is too heavy

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Originally published at on January 30, 2016.

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