My Alibaba is new CEO Peng Lei

News of the resignation of Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO out, is in a meeting, at which colleagues ask, who received the company’s position, I blurted out: Sun Tong-Yu. M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

Alibaba although layout Grand, potential more, but Frank of said, this two years actually behind has, has paid treasure licence changed hands and Yahoo equity disputes brings of external, but internal also is because internal lack innovation business of strong leader, MA although gas field powerful, people ghost not fear, but is not business cadres origin, play play Alibaba internal of Parallels Pro, to open Xinjiang extension soil, really non-old horse Director.

Must admit is that talent in the company, but the lack of is also an indisputable fact that, figuratively, our party will come on, but only one of Lin Biao.

Alibaba is the Lin Biao Sun Tong-Yu.

Another theory is that niangengyao Sun Tong-Yu is Alibaba. Lin Biao, niangengyao, off only one high Lord, passive game.

Sun Tong-Yu’s elimination, version number, and an integrated version is, Sun Tong-Yu was winning on the eve of being informed with HR work in Ali’s wife said to be scored, Sun Tong Yu not to make things difficult, but innocent II as his wife thought, Sun Tong Yu suddenly, divorced from his wife.

However, after careful thought, Sun Tong Yu return is highly unlikely, although we have to watch the episode, but for so many years, return to the helm of the company he founded is Lei back to Golden Hill case. Lei and the Golden Hill case is too special to sum old mine between the armed forces of many years with bump, but two personalities are not so cutting edge, not to the incompatibility between Ma and Sun Tong Yu. Ask Ray to break up this years old find continued inaction, Lei are hidden back at a rapid pace, the Midas touch. In contrast, Sun Tong Yu left the company in recent years, there is no bright colors, and the only example of the Ma, not really back. Therefore, although after 2012 Sun Tong Yu often appear in Alibaba the dominant fact in the Office support, Sun Tong-Yu back to Alibaba took over as CEO, it is just too hard.

So, since there is no Sun Tong Yu-year veteran return, then, is it possible that the external? This possibility is also minimal, Guan Mingyu and Wei benchmark set, Ye Peng was only a subordinate Group’s CEO, to find a more prominent than these professional managers is known, can also win CEO airborne seems to Bezos, but this possible?

Sun Tong Yu return to hopeless, employ outside Bezos also make, well, only one way, that is, promote from within.

I agree with Lei Feng network, a judge, even if hiring from within, and is 9 under the Group’s CEO. Said that is not to say that? My answer is that Peng Lei.

Peng Lei who is, please tell me your under Baidu, her title is now PayPal’s CEO and the Alibaba group in charge of the Vice President of HR.

Ma Yun the Dragon nine days, one question has no solution, that is why no PayPal and came in, as well as how to arrange Peng Lei. It’s easy to explain, is that Peng Lei when Alibaba CEO, PayPal cartridge not Peng Lei can be reported.

Readers will say, do not to inform Ali no outsiders, let a woman as CEO, genius that, had severe patriarchal tendencies.

Most importantly, each entrepreneur has her, Sun yafang to ren zhengfei, Ms Mary MA to Liu, du Hong to Chao, Liu Weizhi into Shi Yuzhu.

Ma she was Peng Lei.

Isn’t it interesting, it’s actually very easy to understand, every Maoist entrepreneur needs sufficient authority, this is Maoist entrepreneurs to settle down, before Ma’s second number (not necessarily to the CEO title), is a personality has its own little 99 professional strongman, difficult and with the advance and retreat of the Ma, and to breathe, for a long time will make all kinds of friction. In this case, MA and other Maoist entrepreneurs would form such a consensus, I find a obedient and execution of women executives do their own chant, the second most.

Peng Lei, also endure a second character of this position, on the qualifications, Peng is also one of the 18 arhats, in terms of friendship, Peng early MA students, on the basis of ability, Ali’s HR and PR system on Ma’s support can be called great. Experience Alipay CEO Peng Lei muster up.

Peng Lei CEO, Jack Ma, is the best choice.

Ma this paragraph time of PR play have superb, first in CCTV annual characters elected party Shang and Wang set Xia blockbuster gamble, again is and hehe Chi to dream dialogue, then is accept fashion Mr interview for himself arguments, but regardless of how play, won Wei, and will yanlimin sent into prison, and paid treasure event Shang of tricks, are let Ma cannot wash himself body of infamy.

Resigned as CEO, make yourself disappear from the media and public life, his fame will begin an orderly plan to repeat, hanging and Jack Ma of Alibaba Chairman’s title.

The next two years, Alibaba will meet big challenge, wanted to make before listing a $ 60 billion dollars, the market capitalisation of the world’s top three Internet companies, Google didn’t do it, Facebook can only be felt, not completely. This matter, how big is the difficulty, to think for themselves.

If problems with Alibaba, the horse cloud speech or is willing? Instead, it is better to submit. Hold Ma hands on the initiative.

Meaning not only that, Wang ran said that Ma’s move is to let the media think 4 months here for 4 months, but Ma’s move is designed to let the media guessing 2 years 2 years below. Alibaba has the occurrence of big business, the organizational restructuring, are really let subordinates of generals who run. Although it is unlikely to achieve the desired, may not be a permanent cure, but how much a certain effect, Alibaba CEO, after all, the temptation is very great. If no one can come out, he can also back. M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

Think LIU Chuanzhi, Lenovo’s retreat, 20 years younger than Mr Liu Ma, in fact, can be modelled on Mr Liu, every time, are actually a step further.

Peng Lei, can actually go back to PayPal when the CEO or Chairman, Peng Lei now PayPal the vacated positions, following Wang shuai.

In fact, nothing is fine, in this position, do less to do more, do less than not do it. If you allow this, then congratulations, MA think so, too. You and St Cloud as future generations.

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Originally published at on January 10, 2016.

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