Hello, everyone!Today I want to make an entry reflecting on last week’s events. To be honest, the first week after the May break was really productive for me, because I learned a lot of new material. So, at first, I want to tell you about my own discoveries.


civility — вежливость

dinner party — званый ужин

wedge — клиновидный кусок

to be a peach — быть добрым

in a nutshell — кратко

to pig out — объедаться

half-baked — не совсем продуманно

bring home the bacon — зарабатывать на жизнь

a doggy bag — пакет, куда складывают остатки еды

to eat up — доедать

tempting — соблазнительный

  • I , finally, understood how to use some modal verbs!Hooray!
  • I do get better and I’m ready to return to work!
  • I need to write 2 essay for our Russian class.
  • And , of course, I need to learn and refresh a lot of material to prepare for the Finals. Maybe I will try to find some techniques and methods by which I can improve my results. Anyway, I promise to work harder and do at least 2–3 3 exercises from the Training Package each week. I can do it!

Yesterday I met my old friends and we went to the cafe together. To be honest, I didn’t think that I miss them so much. I haven’t seen them about a year and I can’t describe that I felt when we all, finally, met. We talked, danced, shared memories and news and I understood how I love them all, really. I missed such conversations with them!!!I hope we will meet together again very soon)