Lovely home

Hi, everyone! And it’s time to tell you about my previous week, especially about my discoveries, challenges and etc. I think, we can start)


The previous week was personally for me really productive, because my classmates and I started learning the topic “Clothing” and of course, we’ve learned a lot of new words and phrases. So, here they are>>>

  • windbreaker — ветровка
  • suspenders — подтяжки
  • slacks — широкие брюки
  • tie — галстук
  • bootlace — шнурки
  • a V-neck — вырез мысом
  • embroidered — вышитый
  • plain — однотонный
  • spotted — в горошек
  • to try on — примерять
  • to fold(up) — складывать
  • to grow out of — вырасти из чего-то
  • to go with (well) — сочетаться

I can’t remember any big achievements during this week. Okay, I began understand Latin a bit better, because I spent about 2 hours doing my homework for our Latin class. That’s all, I guess.


The main goal for me for the next week is ,of course, to make all the dialogs for our Midterms. And read several books for our Literature class, as usual.


I spent two days at home, finally. I just want to say that during these days I was surrounded by my relatives and friends, and I really want to thank them for this inexplicably wonderful atmosphere that helped me to relax. I love them all!

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