Money and Shopping

The previous week , personally, for me was pretty hard, but really interesting and productive. First of all, my classmates and I were fantastic actors, because on Thursday we all presented an episode from the TV-show called “Friends” and to say it was awesome would be an understatement. At first, we played it in English, of course, but then we were asked to play this episode in Russian. To be honest, for me it was harder, because I didn’t have time for preparing and so I needed to translate each of my lines immediately. Anyway, it was really hilarious to listen to different versions of translation and I’m sure that it was a wonderful experience for all of us! Secondly, we had our Latin test, which I found a bit difficult. I hope the result will be good.

And now my discoveries during the previous week:


granola — мюсли

a pizza parlor — пиццерия

to wash down — запивать

well rounded — завершенный

layers — слои

super rich — очень калорийный

whipped cream — взбитые сливки

rum — ром, спиртной напиток

custard — заварной крем

Shepherd’s Pie — картофельная запеканка с мясом

to baffle — озадачивать

to nuke— разогревать в микроволновке

disposable plates — одноразовая посуда


To be honest, I can’t remember any achievements during the previous week, sorry(


I need:

  • to do the grammar and vocabulary test on “Food and Cooking”
  • to read the book for our Literature class
  • to be prepare for our Literature test
  • to make 3–4 dialogs for our Summer Finals

As we started a new topic called “Money and Shopping”, we had an interesting task to create our own Mind map:

On Saturday my roommates and I decided to go for a walk in the park and just relax. We was walking throughout the park, talking about everything and it helped me to forget about my problems for a while. By the way, today when I was surfing the web I found this phrase and immediately remembered my cool photos, so here they are:

“Hey pals, we must not grow old in our hearts”