/Pleasure reading assignment/

One of our pleasure reading assignments was to choose one quotation from our book that awoke thoughts and emotions in us. Well, first of all,this year I decided to read a detective story called “Murder on the orient express”written by Agatha Christie. The main reason why I started reading this book is that I really like reading detectives, also I’ve never read them in English, and that specifically this book is much spoken about now. To tell the truth,I found it pretty difficult to read at first because of amount of different terms, but then it became much easier and closer to the end I could understand every word without even looking it up. This book tells us a story about a detective, whose name is Hericule Poirot and his discoveries during the trip to London.

In general, I can say that I love this book and I can advise it people who like such genre of stories. I promise, it’s worth your attention.

And now, the quote :

“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.”

So, in every man’s life there are a variety of problems, difficulties and troubles. When we face them, each of us automatically asks the question about the main reason of the problems. Sometimes people blame different unfortunate circumstances, or truly believe that the main reason is the behavior of other people. Of course, it might be true. However, in most cases, the only cause of their problems is themselves.

To tell the truth, I absolutely agree that the most common problem of a person in this world is , actually, himself. In fact, the person is a real strange being, who sometimes makes his life more difficult, creates a lot of problems, which exist only in his mind, and ,basically, don’t make any sense. After all everything that happens in our life depends on us, on our attitude and will. If the person has his own goal and a strong desire to reach it, he ,surely, will reach it in spite of problems . But if the person says that his goal is out of reach, he is just afraid of difficulties. Such people completely forget that ,primarily, problems are given us to become stronger. That’s the point.

Anyway, I’m sure that each of us should remember - nothing is impossible in life. Only we make our own luck. It’s your choice: to take a chance and become the happiest person in the world or to think about some potential problems and stay on the same level in life without any development.