Today I watched several videos and read some articles about different sports/sport games. And I decided that I want to highlight women’s gymnastics.

To be honest,I was interested in sports since childhood, I will never forget as my dad and I sat and watched the Olympic games together…And you know, I really miss those days, especially now, when I see my family extremely rare.

Well , gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring balance and control. Of course, there are a lot of gymnastic events for women, but I really appreciate, particularly, “ Floor”. The floor event occurs on a carpeted 12m × 12m square. Gymnast has to perform a choreographed routine up to 90 seconds , which includes series of jumps, leaps, dance elements, acrobatic skills, and turns, or pivots, on one foot. By the way, to tell the truth, in my childhood I about two years was engaged in gymnastics and I really liked it, but there were circumstances therefore I was forced to stop my developing in this area. But still, it’s my favorite sport, because it’s very harmonious and beautiful. And It is important to note that gymnastics is more suitable sport for girls than any other. In my opinion, this is also one of the most difficult kinds of sport. So, when I watch different competitions and see how gymnasts are crying because of the low scores, I cry with them,because I understand that to become a pro in this area you must work hard on yourself.

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